21 Positive Signs πŸ’Ÿ a Guy is in Love 😍 with You for Girls Who Can't Tell πŸ€” ...


We've all been there. Whenever your boyfriend walks into a room, your hands start sweating and your heart won't stop racing. You're so comfortable around each other that it's hard to think of a time when you weren't together. Those are just a few obvious signs that you've fallen *hard*. But trying to figure out how he feels always sends you into Nancy Drew mood. If you're happy with how things are but can't help that little voice that wants to know if your man really feels the same, these surefire signs that he loves you will clear everything up.

1. You Know You Can Always Look Forward to a "Good Morning" Text, Even if You Go to Sleep Upset

D&AD, moustache, good, morning,
When You're out with Your Girls, He'll Stay up Just to Text/tell You "Good Night"


Retarded list. Why is it important to have conversation with any emojis or gifs?
Sammi Anderson
didn't know Thanks for replying!!
Sammi Anderson
@Ashlie Davis Thank You so much recently the friend who stood up for me told me he like my old best friend (( Who isn't any more cause she told the whole class I was on my periodπŸ˜“)). Me and the guy...
Ashlie Davis
If you have any feeling whatsoever for your friend, I suggest you pursue them this summer!
Ashlie Davis
Hey girl, this guy is playing with your feelings. Although, it seems to me that you're overlooking someone close to you who obviously likes you and knows how to treat you right, your friend who stood up for you.
Sammi Anderson
handsome for a school play and I asked if he thought it meant anything he looked at the ground and didn't answer. it's summer and we haven't talked. Can someone please help me😭😭???
Sammi Anderson
the next day I asked him why he was ignoring me he said he wasn't then started talking with me. i kept taking his glue stick ((for a projected we were partners)) he would ask for it and always touch ...
Sammi Anderson
My crush found out I like him along with my whole schoolπŸ˜“ he used to wink at me and talk in private then this happened he started ignoring me and one of my friends ((Who's a boy)) got angry cause h...
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