7 Outdated Relationship Rules ...


There are some couples I’ll never be able to understand, and even some couples no amount of money could make me trade places with.

But that’s not up for discussion today, because we’re about to talk about relationship rules, or better yet, outdated relationship rules that need to go ASAP.

They aren’t as crazy, not even silly, but I’ve seen many couples abuse them and, quite frankly, they all broke up in the end.

So what’s the magic recipe for a healthy, normal relationship?

It’s quite simple!

Play by your own rules, be yourself and decide which one of these, now outdated relationship rules you feel comfortable playing by and which ones you want as far away from your relationship as possible.

1. "Joined Twins Syndrome"

Let me put it this way – I had a friend “X”, she had a boyfriend “Y” and in the first months, they actually made a nice “XY” couple.2

As their relationship progressed, the X and the Y got lost completely and XY was the only thing left.

They ate, slept, showered together and there was not a single thing I could do with X without Y being present too.

XY shared everything, including their friend’s secrets and I was pretty shocked when he made a very cruel joke about a very intimate detail of my life she was instructed not to share with ANYBODY!

Well, enough about them, I bet you get the point and understand exactly why I think we should all chill with the “we” part.

“We” is good, actually, it’s more than good, it’s great as long as you don’t forget that a good “We” always consists of both “you” and “me”.

Play Hard to Get


Hello Jessica, Good point about the safe sex though the other thing about purity and husbands went right over my head. Oh well, to each their own. :)
ok #5 you have all wrong the reason for ladies to keep them selves for them man .was for a gift to show that hey where pure.it was a gift to their husbands on their hunny moon night.it was something special.you can only give your purity once.And another thing if you where going to talk about not waiting to give your purity til you get married you should have at least potsed use protection or some kid of birth control. young people do look at this post and may go by it.
Joined twins syndrone oh my god thats my bestfriend who i dont consider a best friend no more!
Rule #6 was written by women who want to save a buck :) Nothing wrong with that, but there's nothing wrong with the girl paying... XD
Amen! :) :)
Katherine Tagao
Hi Jelena, Love all your 7 rules! I'm with you totally...........I too believe it's all about freedom of choice. Plus, when meeting someone anyway, happens when the time is usually right. In the meantime, whatever floats your boat. Hey, this is 2011!! Enjoy your life!
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