A Girl's Guide to Making a Move during a Movie Date ...


Whether youโ€™re going on a first date or a tenth, movie dates can be nerve-wracking, especially when you want to make a move. If youโ€™re looking to make a move at your next movie date but donโ€™t really know where to start, these tips are sure to come in handy. From when you should get there to what you should eat, Iโ€™m sure that these tips will make your movie date so much easier!

1. Get There Early

Movie dates arenโ€™t exactly the best place for a first date, but you can turn them into that! Simply plan with your date on getting there a little bit early. That way, you can talk before the movie and get to know each other. If things donโ€™t go well when youโ€™re talking, you have the movie to stop the conversation. If things are going well, you can keep hanging out after the movie!

Break the Touch Barrier before the Movie


@katie -I agree! Never use yur phone during a date!
Watch a romantic comedy and ask him to "act out the last scene"
I would never date anyone who used their phone during a movie. The light distracts and ruins it for everyone behind you. It's so inconsiderate!
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