5. Cut out Negative Self-talk

Cut out Negative Self-talk

Whatever you decide to do in your relationship, whether you decide to work on it or walk away from it, you have to watch the way you talk about yourself.

Over time, when you're around someone who constantly puts you down and makes you feel less than what and who you truly are, you can start incorporating some of that into your own self-talk.2


You are none of the things your partner accuses you of being.2

You know your faults and your flaws, but I guarantee that none of them are unforgivable.

None of them make you a terrible person, so don't talk to yourself the way you've heard your partner talk to you.

Surround Yourself with Support


Chaya Goffin
@annie not always is it even POSSIBLE for abused people to just get up and waltz out of a terrible situation. Not all circumstances are created equal, not everyone can do the same things. All that can be done is let that person know that they have support outside of that situation. Let them know that if they ever need a temporary venting place, you're there for them! I've been abused, so when I say this please believe me: NOT ALWAYS IS IT THE BEST THING TO RUN AWAY FROM YOUR PROBLEMS!!! If you are forced to stay in that situation, adapt. Deal with it as well as you can, knowing that you have the support of others. Don't be that person that thinks that their way is the only way. Know that everyone has their own special set of circumstances that dictate what they do in every situation. Basically: don't judge others until you've been a mile in THEIR shoes.
But with that, I totally acknowledge how hard that is. It took me three years, but at least I know I'm healthy now, you know?
As someone who has gotten out of an abusive relationship, I think that leaving is really is the best thing you can do for yourself. It's crazy because you start to lose your identity and you don't even realize the manipulation and power they have over you. If you are reading articles about abusive relationships, you know you're in one. What should really be said is that you shouldn't pretend it's going to get any better. Abusive relationships are just dangerous cycles of denial and pain. Don't try to fix a broken person, get yourself out.
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