8 Activities to do with Your Long Distance Boyfriend after Time Apart ...


If you are like me then you definitely need some activities to do with your long distance boyfriend. You only see them every so often. The time that the two of you spend together is very special. No feeling can compare to being in his arms. I hope this list of activities to do with your long distance boyfriend will help the two of you form an amazing bond.

1. Dinner (the Romantic Kind)

Dinner should definitely be number one on your list of activities to do with your long distance boyfriend. Think about it: you have been away from each other for weeks, maybe months. He probably has a slight memory of what your best look is, but baby, it’s time to let him know exactly what a glammed up you looks like. Ok, that sounds like you’re doing the most for him, but why not? He is your sweet, honey sugar iced tea. Take some time to really look your best for this dinner date. Who knows what sparks could fly?

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@Zoey - ditto
@Rose follow your heart love. Just do what feels right. Pray about it.
Hi, so i have just started seeing this guy. But its really complicated... he is from England and i live in Australia, he is only here for 3 more months but i can feel myself really falling for him. I ...
Exactly wat happen when I'm with my boo aww so cute
Love this article.. One more tip is share funny stories or do funny things and laugh as often together..
Yeah I love article you learn things off it I am an it. NEW
@Casandra - never a dull moment
I love how this article is so much like me! My guy loves basketball, I love dance, and we're in an LDR. Great ideas!
This is all my boyfriend and I do whenever I see him. We only see each other every other weekend, so everything on this list makes all the weekends perfect.
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