9 Adorable Signs That You're Head over Heels in Love ...


Do you love your boyfriend so much it hurts, and feels like you’re head over heels in love?

The first flush of love can be something so intense it knocks you off your feet, but how do you know whether you’re actually in love, or if it’s just lust?

This is something my girlfriends and I often talk about, and whilst sometimes it’s easy to tell when you’re head over heels in love with Mr.

Perfect, sometimes you’re just not quite sure.

There are some signs to spot though, and if you can relate to any of these, the chances are you’re one smitten kitten!

1. You’re Name-Dropping

When you’re falling in love with someone for the first time, they’re all you can think about, and speak about.

Ever notice your friends getting that glazed look in their eye as you tell them yet another story about just how amazing and wonderful your new man is?

Name dropping is a definite sign that you’re head over heels in love – his name rolls off your tongue in practically every sentence as you recount every detail of your weekend to your best friends and family!

Food Isn’t Important to You


Wen nothing else matters, wen his voice makes me wet or wen Yu kno Yu can't look at no one else in an attractive way loving all flaws for exactly wat they are ;) I love my man till the death a me Ann'd him..:p
Dhani harrison omg
Cartelea Howell
You cannot stop thinking about them
Shouldn't have to spend hours on appearance
@Meghan I was thinking the same thing. And "not seeing his flaws" isn't adorable.
That's signs of a "Moving too fast Maniac woman" not a "head over heels in love woman"
Thy Sounds Like Infatuation >.>..
Krysten Hampson
I actually have no idea, could just feel in my gut deep down that he is the one for me and the good part is that we are taking small steps to the future cause I really don't want to loose him at all cause I don't know what I would do without him in my life, he's my bestfriend and I tell him everything :) I love him more than anything :)
Omg its sooo true 😊
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