2. Sheltered

Innocent women haven't gotten drunk and passed out at a party and haven't been peer pressured into trying drugs. While some men love a girl with a wild side, others are happier to spend time with a woman that isn't unpredictable and unstable. They like that you have a strong set of morals you won't budge for.



There are different kinds of women for different kinds of men. Not all men like these things. This article does nothing but belittle women. Take it down.
I'm glad Holly wrote this article, even though I definitely do not agree with some of the word-choices she made. Being sweet and innocent has NOTHING to do with being naive, dumb, or sheltered and esp...
Hailey Crabb
All these traits I carry, and are very strong values for me. I have always felt like I needed to change them so it's awesome to hear something positive about them. Give me a boost of self-esteem! Thanks for writing this article.
Wild party girls can still havr these traits - your articles are ver sexist holly
Oh!!! Seriously??? Pure??? Seems like an Indian pervert from 90's has written this article. Though i am Indian but it is the truth. Seriously it wasn't expected that @AWS would even pass such a shit. Disappointing!!!
Seriously? Wow....how sexist can u get? We need to encourage women to be themselves no matter what, not tear them down! And besides women aren't made for men, a woman is her own person she is not there to impress anyone but herself
@littlesunshine22, yes! I completely agree! I'm always really nice to one of my friends and she takes advantage of that..
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