3. Shy

Some men are attracted to shyness, because it makes you seem mysterious. They know that you won't open up to just anyone, so they feel like they have to try hard in order to get on your good side. Men are competitive, and they see you as a challenge that they're happy to accept.

Sexually Pure


Seriously? Wow....how sexist can u get? We need to encourage women to be themselves no matter what, not tear them down! And besides women aren't made for men, a woman is her own person she is not there to impress anyone but herself
@littlesunshine22, yes! I completely agree! I'm always really nice to one of my friends and she takes advantage of that..
Very sexist article!
Many men like these traits. Many don't. This is just one perspective. Stop putting down the girls who fit these descriptions.
Terrible list. Very sexist. Pure??? Really???
Dang spell check- don't expect a sweetheart who will make all your dreams come true, to walk up and introduce himself... If you're selling a good time, you'll get a buyer not a keeper!
Remember, being classy is knowing you've got it all going on, but don't flaunt it - that's class. Believe it or not, if you dress hoochy, don't expect a sweat heart who will make all your dramas come...
This describes me soooo well!
Your article sucks !! Sweet??? Shy??? S*** Pure??? Really ???Must be from some BC era!!!
"Sexually pure" ? "It gives them a sense of power" ? Whaaaaat ?
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