9. He Makes Excuses

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If every time you recommend going out he seems to make excuses, you should become more alert of him potentially losing interest. Once or twice might not mean anything, but you can tell when someone is consistently avoiding you. When your partner apathetically offers excuses just to avoid you, you might have to consider that the end of this chapter in your life is near.

He Tries to Friend Zone You


If a man loses interest in you then it's not meant to be, simple as that, a women has a right to relax in a relationship and still be loved for it, no one should have to work so hard to be loved, either it's there or it's not...
This article is common sense if anyone stops losing interest!!
I have this feeling that my boyfriend who I love, is losing interest in me, we talked on the phone tonight and he really didn't have much to say to me and was kurt. I told me friend 2 days ago I feel ...
Karangunula Ramesh
My marriage has been a blessing till 4months ago when my whole life almost got sucked. My ex-wife wanted me back by all means and wanted to break my marriage. she set me up in many occasions showing t...
I hate the cool,okay and esp K text msgs! I'd rather get no response
@Tiffany Yap, same here girly, almost same situation ..these boys ...i dunno ..they will say like we are more complicated but actually they are more..how their mood swings ...seems some psychological disorder with every guy.
Hi guys ...my bf ..just lost interest in me ..dunno why ..he just ..ignore being physical ..any more ..before her used to love this alot ..as far as I know ..boys love to be physical ..I am scared..as...
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