8 Alternative Relationships You Need to Understand ...


In this day and age, denying alternative relationships is almost impossible! There are tons of different alternative relationships that might be completely different from yours, but are also interesting to understand. Below, I'm going to cover the top 8 alternative relationships that might never, ever work for you, but they do for other people. So girls, you ready to take a dive into some relationships that may never be your lifestyle, but might work for some people?

1. Swingers

Swingers (also referred to as swinging or partner swapping) is a completely non-monogamous behavior in which a married (or couple in a committed relationship) swaps partners to engage in sexual activity. Will this alternative relationship work for everyone? Of course not! But does it work for some people? It does! Believe it or not ladies, this actually started way back in the 16th century, so it is nothing new, but it's just difficult to understand sometimes right?

Being Polyamorous


Heather Jensen
Hi Reader! I definitely did do my research and I do understand that there are tons of different branches of the LDS religion. There is a lot of controversy over this fact and I believe we are going ...
Your research skills are shown to be poor and unreliable when you publish that "a portion of lds practice polygamy," irrefutably true to you because, "I did research!"
Heather Jensen
Hello Nat! Thank you for the comment. There is a section of LDS that does still practice, I did do research on this. :) Thanks for the adding to the discussion!
Latter Day Saint aka Mormons do not practice Multiple marriages .People who call themselves LDS or mormons and practice this are not LDS or Mormons. Please do more research before you write things like this. Thank you.
@Shleby, I love them too but they can be ostracizing if you break ranks.
Heather Jensen
Hello Margie! Don't let anyone push you into coming out, it's your choice! :)
I know Im Bi and its going to be hard if I come out because of highschool :\ Im a 14 year old girl and I have had one girlfirend (secret girlfriend) and I really dont know what to do.
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