10 Alternative Words 💬 to "Boyfriend" 👫 That Sound Much 👍🏼 Better ...

If you're tired of referring to your man as your boyfriend, then there are a few other terms that you can use when you want to talk about him.

You probably want to skip over terms like "bae" and use words that sound a little more mature.

Don't worry, because there are plenty of them out there.

If you're interesting in renaming your partner, here are a few alternative words to "boyfriend" that sound just as sweet:

1. My Better Half

My Better Half

You've probably heard some single women say that they're looking for someone to complete them (which is misleading, since you're already whole).

However, that common phrase is why some people will call their boyfriend their "other half".

Of course, it's even better to call him your "better half".

That way, it makes it sound like he brings out the best parts of you, which is exactly what the right man should do.