Are You Having Enough Sex?


What is enough sex? Is there even a measurement? Essentially, enough sex is an individual need and preference. There is no right number of times, no rules for how often except those personal to your wants and needs. Where it becomes generic, however, is in the ways how not having enough sex manifests itself and makes itself known. And these manifestations are not all obvious. Are you having enough sex? Here’s some food for thought:

1. Do You Pick Fights with Your Partner Because Part of You Enjoys It?

People pick fights with their partners for hundreds of reasons. That is not the issue here. You need to examine yourself introspectively and ask yourself if you started your last fight because part of you enjoys it. If you honestly looked inwards and decided that maybe you do enjoy (at least a little bit) starting an argument with your partner, the most common excuse women give is that they β€œlike drama.” That may be true for a small portion of women, but it could be because you are not getting enough sex. Starting arguments with your partner is very personal, intense, emotional, and a little exciting (a little like something else?). Some women substitute good sex with good arguments.

Are You Quick to Anger?


Ritchie V
Elizabeth, its not a Big massive Formula, if we don't want to have Sex. Women seem to think Sex often goes hand in hand with how much they are Loved. If I have had a Busy day, or just plainly don't wa...
@Elizabeth Glorraine Lee, It means that there is something seriously wrong with your relationship. Sexual compatibility is a big part of relationships - if you're a four or five times a month sort of ...
It seems like the sex is dead in my marriage. Maybe I annoy him, because I comment all the time on how long it's been but no change.
Elizabeth Glorraine Lee
What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt want to think about having sex with you
Sapna Pathak
Good article haven't had sex with my husband in ages I masturbate but eventually it's not same as sex
Bottom line is everyone's sex drive is different! Mine is high and I cannot live without sex. For me personally sex is healthy and in a relationship even more so . If connects you in a way nothing else does and relaxes the mind too. .
@Tia Cheang I dont agree people can wait longer than 6 months befoe having sex,whenever they are comfortable is best. There is no time period for that, that should be considered toolong or too short. ...
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