2. What Future?

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It's impossible to see the future if you're with someone who doesn't make you look forward to tomorrow.

What Friends?


Literally lost all my friends because of my relationship
someone help me
Amber Giesbrecht
If I could give any advice it would be, love yourself first & learn from your past relationships & be thankful that the break up hurts. It means that you are open to love & feeling emotions.
Amber Giesbrecht
It was an unhealthy relationship & I realize now that I didn't love myself when I was with him. Now that I'm single, I working on myself & my sons relationship.
Amber Giesbrecht
I just got out of a long term relationship like this. It was awful the first couple of weeks. Felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms.
I still want to work at it though
I've got a great friendship and my feeling for him are turning more into something else.. All of our friends say we should be together and even his parents! I can't tell how he feels.. What do I do?
Kassidy Ann
I don't know where to go from here. My bf broke up with me and I haven't stopped crying for more than an hour. I don't know what to do. I'm helpless and I'm scared.
Heather Ann
Well this really hits home for me 😓
Nelly Alvarez
What do i do😏
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