7 Aries Love Traits to Watch out for ...


One of the first Aries love traits that you’ll notice is the fact that they are almost like a newborn child – they want their demands and needs fulfilled first.

If you are in a relationship or want one with an Aries, you’ve got to understand and compromise with them a lot – among other things!2

I’ve come up with the top 7 Aries love traits that really will give you an idea of what your partner (or soon to be partner!) is like in a relationship.

1. Very Strong Sense of Romance

By far, one of the biggest draws to an Aries and one of the best Aries love traits out there is their sense of romance.

They are such a romantic at heart and they absolutely love everything that has to do with romance.

If you’re looking for someone that will shower you with romantic gestures and that will instantly become your prince or princess charming, this is the sign for you.2

Stubborn in Their Demands


omg i find this true my bf is an aries and hes super romantic but is possesive and protective
Totally interesting, seems very similar to Leo. I can totally see how it\'d work. I\'d manage with a boyfriend or friend of this type, just the stubbornness we\'d have to work out (compromising for each other).
Morgan Porter
Oh my, these are so accurate ( I\'m an Aries). I\'m not in a romantic relationship but I do have most, if not all, of these traits with my closest friends.
I believe I am seeing alit of these traits from my man...but I\'m loving it!!! Can\'t get better than this!
Tina Montemor
Alletta Ferreira
Not all true for this Aries
Lady chill and don\'t take it so much to heart. I\'m an Aries and it mostly rings true, though the ego thing is not true of me. I\'m not going to berate Heather because she has not provided a precise description of me based on a star sign. It\'s a fun read that u can relate to...or not ☺️
Neecey Beresford
@Johannalif, This is not a judgement at all. Heather writes a whole series of articles about star signs on various themes, so you will find articles on all other 11 signs and their love traits (although some might not have been published yet), along with other topics. They aren't judgmental but they do have to generalise to quite some degree - that's the way of star signs. There is no seminal description for any star sign and of course, there are going to be plenty who say they don't exhibit any characteristics given for their particular sign. I myself am a Gemini and would say I am 70% atypical of the signs's characteristics.
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