7 Aries Love Traits to Watch out for ...


One of the first Aries love traits that you’ll notice is the fact that they are almost like a newborn child – they want their demands and needs fulfilled first. If you are in a relationship or want one with an Aries, you’ve got to understand and compromise with them a lot – among other things! I’ve come up with the top 7 Aries love traits that really will give you an idea of what your partner (or soon to be partner!) is like in a relationship.

1. Very Strong Sense of Romance

By far, one of the biggest draws to an Aries and one of the best Aries love traits out there is their sense of romance. They are such a romantic at heart and they absolutely love everything that has to do with romance. If you’re looking for someone that will shower you with romantic gestures and that will instantly become your prince or princess charming, this is the sign for you.

Stubborn in Their Demands


GF is Aries and all true. I\'m at my breaking point w some of these traits.
Lol .. Interesting read - true
Boyfriend is Aries and all of these things are true.
Wow, not like me at all 😱😱😱 and yes, I\'m Aries
Lorraine Tanya
Every bit of it is me...but not everyone likes those traits....I got dumped cuz of em...;(
Lorraine Tanya
Ameya Kimodo
Aaah me! So true 😹😹😹😹
I\'m not that sure about the faithfull part.....my Aries friends are sure not!!!😄😄😄
Neecey Beresford
@Jannette, If you type aries into the search box you'll be able to choose from a whole range of articles Heather has written about Aries (and every other sign is available too).
We also want 100% attention😂
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