5. What He Values the Most about You

What He Values the Most about You

He compliments you all the time, but do you actually know all the reasons why he loves you? Ask him what he values the most about you. Make sure you answer the question for him too, so it doesn't seem like you're just fishing for compliments.

What He's Most Guilty about


The first ones really nice. Move done this with my boy friend, helps you to remember things that happened on our first blind date.
Lily Petrosova
"What for he loves me?"-that's not the right question. To love a person, means to admit him as he is, but not for something. I would better ask- what do you like in me?:)
Thanks for posting this. I'm sure this is very helpful to all girls with boyfriends.
@Ashleypaige311 Me too!!! Haha you're funny!
@Ashleypaige311 we're on the same page. Guess you're not dying alone after all. :)
I've been playing this game with my boyfriend where I ask him questions to get to know him better. It's interesting!
Carly Lynn
They're good but #4- yikes! That'll be sure to Scare em off
Hmmm... Now all I need is a boyfriend... Haha Ima die alone
Sarah Adams
Well dont we ask these questions when we r in lov anyway?
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