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You don't have to fall asleep while cuddling.

You don't have to watch television or listen to music during the activity, either.

Why not?

Because cuddling is the perfect time to talk about your relationship!

Your bodies are already physically close, so you might as well have conversations that will bring you mentally closer as well.

Here are a few probing questions to ask your boyfriend during your next cuddle session in order to strengthen your bond:

1. When Did You Know I Was "the One?"

You know that you love your boyfriend.

You know he loves you, too.

However, do you know the exact moment when he fell for you?

Most people can remember the first time they realized that they were in love.

Ask your boyfriend if he's one of those people.

If he's not, then see if he can at least tell you when he first decided to ask you out.

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Some of these are actually pretty good.
Haha!! Same here! Need something for married peeps!
Nice!! Can't wait to ask these
Aishat J Oyewo
What of married couple pls ?
Ha ha ha I need a guy first... Then I need to cuddle with him... 😜
First I need to get a guy because I'm really curious to know what he'll say
Foziia B
Lol need a guy first πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Now I just need a bf
peony blue
Typo fun
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