7 Attractive Talents to Learn That Will Impress Any Man ...


There are attractive talents to learn that men will adore. Of course, you should never aim to alter yourself solely for a guy. These attractive talents to learn will impress him, but they’ll also be beneficial for you. If you’re intrigued by any of these skills, why not take the time to learn them?

1. Self Defense

Men love women who are independent. Being able to take care of yourself is extremely attractive. In the movies, the princess is typically weak and helpless, but in reality women should be strong and capable. One of the attractive talents to learn is how to defend yourself. Whether you enroll in a kickboxing class or self-defense class, you’ll be on your way to protecting yourself. Who knows? You might even end up protecting your man one day.

Public Speaking


@Clodagh I would have to agree! I'm sure a guy won't go out his way to learn gymnastics for a girl. Lol!
Isabella Coles
Singing, dancing, cooking, good with animals/kids - i tick all those 😉
Caitlin Liberatore
@dodecahedron that's like saying a dancer spins. A dancer turns, not spins. A gymnast wears an aerodynamic leotard not a "sparkly outfit".
Ashley Wolf
Theres way more ways then gymnastic thats leads to flexibility. So really it doesn't have to be gymnastic
This article could've just been titled like, 7 cool talents to pick up. The whole "to impress a guy" thing is dumb. Even with the disclaimer at the beginning, I'll pass.
@Caitlin Liberatore, um, uptight much?
@Meghan, This article is really about finding qualities in yourself men happen to like, not demanding that you run out and learn all these things just so you can be more attractive.
when i mentioned i was cooking while texting my crush, he asked me out 2 weeks after.
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