7. Passion

A kiss without passion is still nice, but it's not very memorable.

Every man wants to find a woman who is as passionate about him as he is about her.

He wants someone who will enjoy touching his lips and feeling his skin.

Passion is a huge deal, so if you're able to kiss your man without feeling a spark, you might have to look for a new mate.

You don't want to be bad to the bone--you just want to have some "bad girl" traits and remain a "good girl" overall.

That way, everybody wins and you won't break any hearts.

What other "bad girl" traits do men usually look for in women?


All guys love a "naughty but nice" kind of girl
Good one still working on seductive!
Sounds good..but I'm nothing like these trait..so I'll have to become a great actress to get a man?..or be myself and stay single!...ha ha ha😂
Samiha Khan
This is so true .
I say a quote that read "if she doesn't scare the hell outta you a little then she's not the one" 😉. I love it! ❤️
I have all of these still working on adventurous
Keep them on their toes a bit by surprising them
Kathy Hall
Love this
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