17 Bad 👎🏼 Habits That Could Negatively ⛔️ Impact Your Love 💘 Life ...


If you don't have any incentive to stop your bad habit, you have one now.

If you continue it, then you could end up inadvertently destroying your love life.


Well, men won't be happy if you have any of these bad habits:

1. Smoking


Most people aren't fans of smelling smoke.

It's even worse when they have to taste it on their lips when they kiss you.



All the things that are listed they truly are negative things that can affect your relationship. Smoking is a big deal breaker I know we should judge people if they smoke but I know myself that it's ugly and not attractive. Drinking it depends on how you drink. I mean if ou both drink together and have a good time and ain't sloppy then that shouldn't be a problem. But blaming others definitely if you know it's your fault own up to it, cause if you lie your relationships gonna be a lie. Self criticism never doubt yourself or put your self down. Don't ever compare your self to other girls cause every girl has something wrong with them. But definitely never compare yourself to your partners ex's that a big no no. Constantly complaining. That sure is a negative thing i admit I complain a lot and I have learnt that it does drive your boy away. I mean I've experienced I use to complain a lot, and that cause me heartaches from my bf of 5yrs as he was going behind my back with other chicks.
Sasa Fab
Being divorced, I know that I made some of these mistakes: sleeping too late and always eating out. While I didn't eat fast food, I felt we could afford to eat at different restaurants. The author of this article is not being biased towards women nor is the author 's intent is to insult women. The purpose is to instruct and educate women. The audience of all women's stalk are women. Perhaps there are men who read the articles too but the general public are women. Since this forums don't present as unisex, women should come with an approach to grasp what helps you. Of course we are entitled to our opinions.
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