Bald Men Are Sexier 😍 and More Masculine 💪🏼, Scientific 🔬Study Finds 🔍 ...


While not all women are going to agree with these results, the overall majority will.

Bald men are sexier and more masculine, according to a recent scientific study.

If you wonder why this is, keep reading.

These’re 7 reasons why this phenomenon may be true.

1. The Masculine Face Becomes Your Focus when You Look at Him

Without the distraction of hair, it’s easy to zero in on a man’s face.

His masculine features will catch your attention quickly.

Hair is something both men and women have.

Take that away from a guy and his face and masculinity will become the focus quickly.2

There’s a definite sexiness factor to that.

2. His Eyes Especially Stand out

Men can have the most gorgeous eyes, wouldn’t you agree?

For many women, it’s the first thing they notice about a man.

My husband’s sea-green eye s are one of my favorite things about him and something I still notice daily.

When a man is bald, his eyes are going to especially stand out.

If you’ve got any doubts about this, think about Vin Diesal, Jason Statham and other fabulously bald men.

Point taken, huh?

3. Baldness is (Almost) an Exclusive Male Look

While some women have embraced baldness and rocked it, it’s a rarity.

Baldness is an almost exclusive male look.2

That’s part of what makes it so masculine.

While not all women love the look, many do.

4. A Bald Man Exudes Confidence

It takes courage to embrace baldness.

Men who do can do that have a sexiness factor simply because courage in a man is about the sexiest thing he can have.2

Although women know they’re strong and independent on their own, it’s still nice to have a man that easily fits into the role of your protector.

It’s nice to have a man that makes you feel feminine.

The more masculine a man is, the more feminine you’ll feel and bald men are definitely masculine.

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