7 Misleading Body Language Signals 👊 👀 🙍Everyone in a Relationship Should Know ...


Body language can tell us a lot about what others are feeling. However, it can easily be misinterpreted, which is why you need to be careful with your assumptions. If you only read into your partner's body language, and ignore all the other verbal clues he's given you, then you could misinterpret how he's feeling. Of course, the roles could be reversed and he could assume that you want to get far away from him when you're really hoping for a kiss. That's why it's important to realize that these body signals can be easily misinterpreted:

1. Crossed Arms

You might cross your arms when you're cold or when you have nowhere else to put them. However, crossed arms can be misinterpreted as a sign of aggression. It's a way to close yourself off, which can make you look like you aren't interested in social interaction. So if you're on a date and are wondering why your man is keeping his distance from you, it's time to uncross those arms.

Narrow Eyes


Ash Lee
Usually, when peoples eyes are constricted, it's mostly because you are uninterested. Just like when peoples eyes dilate when they are interested or attracted to something, the eyes constrict when they are bored. It's not really something that can be helped because you can't control the ways the eyes work
The corners of my mouth turn down and people are always asking why i'm angry. So annoying!
Bitch resting face
tris prior 10b
Did anybody else notice the reflection on the girl's sunglasses?
None of this is accurate, except for number 1. Idk why people would think deeply about a comfortable position.
Number 4. If you tell a guy you're "perfectly fine", you're basically saying that you're not because everyone knows that girls say they're "fine" whenever they're not.
peony blue
I agree
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