The Language of Love: How Couples Understand Each Other without Words ...


Have you ever noticed all the ways couples understand each other, even without speaking?

It's a beautiful thing, but it might seem confusing to an outsider.

Happy couples often seem to know what the other is thinking without saying a thing.

Odds are, you've likely seen most of the ways couples understand each other.

You might have even been lucky enough to experience them yourself.

1. Eyes Say It All

One of the most common ways couples understand each other without words is through eye contact.

Remember that look your mom would give you that said β€œdon't even think about doing something wrong”?2

It's kind of like that.

Couples become so in tune with each other, all they have to do is make eye contact to know what the other is thinking.

Watch a happy couple's eyes sometimes and you'll see what I mean.2

2. Simple Gestures Mean More

Sometimes a simple hug or hand on the shoulder is all it takes for a couple to express their love or provide support in times of need.

The couple understands each other enough to realize there are times when no words are needed.

For instance, a long kiss after a bad day says β€œI love you and nothing else matters but you and me.” A hug translates into β€œI know you're not feeling great right now, but know that I'm here for you always.”

3. They Sacrifice

When you first jump into a new relationship, you usually have to ask each other to make sacrifices or compromises.

The longer you're together, you both start making them without being asked.

The reason – you already know what the other needs and how important it is to them.

You're happy to make small sacrifices when necessary to make the other happy.

These simple acts become second nature, but they're always appreciated.

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