7 Behaviors That He Thinks Are Controlling ...

Guys view things from a much different perspective than we do.

Therefore, your boyfriend may interpret things you do as controlling, even if you don’t intend them that way at all.

Knowing what the behaviors are that he finds controlling can help you to avoid a lot of fights in your relationship.

If you feel unsure about any of these, ask him to get his input.

1. Asking Tons of Questions

Girls love details.

We want to know all the details on a subject.

Guys don’t feel or think this way;

for them, getting the main info is enough.

When you ask a guy tons of questions, he may feel bombarded or overwhelmed.

Chances are, he may not even know the answers to some of the things you’re asking him.

Try to ask him the most important questions and let some of the others go.