9 Benefits of Internet Relationships ...


Despite what all the articles tell you, there are some benefits of Internet relationships.

Don't get me wrong-there are definitely risks to getting involved with someone online;

getting scammed for money, possible safety issues and someone being a creep, just to name a few.

On the other hand, I know others who met the love of their lives online.

I am definitely not suggesting going online to cheat on your partner or using the Internet as a complete substitute for interaction.

For those of us who don't have time to date โ€œnormallyโ€, though, sometimes the Internet is all we have.

If this fits you or you just want a new experience, here are some benefits of Internet relationships.

1. Control

One of the biggest benefits of Internet relationships is that you have complete control over when and how much you communicate with the person.

If a conversation gets to be too much, it's a lot easier to log off than to walk away.

Also, you can't help but get a little excited when you see that you've gotten a message.

If he says something sweet, you can keep it and look at it later.

Messages on your computer take up much less space in your room than flowers and cards.

Plus, your cats can't eat them-that is, unless you have some really talented cats.

If so, keep that to yourself.

Mine don't need any ideas.

Things Are as Intense or as Casual as You Make Them (for the Most Part)


There was a situation where I've met this guy online, he claims to being single for 4 years straight. Him and I had a few things in common and I approached him and started dating in a slow pace. Him and I talked about meeting up, he said in a year cuz rushing things can do damage to the relationship. So I took his word for it. Never brought up the subject cuz I promised a year so I did. The only problem about online relationships is the non-physical factorโ€ฆ there has been multiple situations where my ex and I argued about how I would treat him in person and expects me to be with him when he's sick while being miles away?โ€ฆ it's the problems with these factors that when it becomes a serious relationship in a short time things will NOT work out. The guy who I was with was cheating on a friend of mine who I've just recently talked to, she experienced the same pain and abuse I have. I was not impressed when I found out he was in a relationship with her while he was hanging out with me then dumps her. It's that vicious cycle I've experienced before he started hanging out with his new friend who is a girl more often trying to message me to see how I was doing. I've dumped him with a bunch of reasons: Too insecure making assumptions, accusing me for cheating, getting into fights about minor things, forcing me to say "I love you", hanging around with this other chick for hours non-stop, not believing my words, and zero trust, and refused to buy a webcam so I can see him while he sees me on the cam. It's nice to meet somebody online
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