16. Dressing Room

Dressing Room

If your partner hates going shopping with you, make it more interesting! Get your partner in a room with a full length mirror and have a quick session. Doing it in the dressing room is risky, so look for a room during non-peak hours in a store that does not have draconian rules about two people in one dressing room.

Night Club


Terrible ideas. Going to jail or being injured isnt worth it. Also - Disney has cameras everywhete.
Patricia Marie Gloria
@Londra Bwahahah
Also cafe
Kitchen chair or office chair
Just think if you were stuck in traffic and turned to the car next to you and saw two people "doing it"
Christy Jo
Under a bridge (pick a nice spot) mine had grass and a little sand by the water/in the backyard/in the woods/a pool
Whitney Arabie
On a trampoline
You should try pool or sea
While driving? Seriously?! Can someone please explain to me how this is even possible to have control of a car or even see?
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