3. Closet


An intimate experience in a closet is hot depending on the location of the closet. If you are at a party and find a private hide away, go rock each other's worlds. There's an exciting factor to knowing you may get caught. If it's a closet at your own house, skip it. It's less steamy and more creepy.



Under waterfall, Train, dance floor, grassy meadow filled with flowers, on a swing in the park much fun
Yasuko Debbie Kindaichi
I heard the far back seat of 2nd floor of air plane is good place. Not so many times attendants come to check. But its open space.
@Lauren road h**d??
In public. A park/the woods/in a tent/inside an igloo/in a fitting room/in the subway/on a rooftop/on the stairs/on an upper balcony
Isabella Coles
Haha in the backyard: tick In the bathroom: tick In the car (the car was pulled over, of course!): tick I like this article!!
Alletta Ferreira
The physio room at the gym. With the physio, mind you!
Terrible ideas. Going to jail or being injured isnt worth it. Also - Disney has cameras everywhete.
Patricia Marie Gloria
@Londra Bwahahah
Also cafe
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