The Very Best Things about Dating Your True Love ...


It's difficult to list the best things about dating your true love, because every moment with him is perfect.

You know you love each other dearly, but pinpointing the exact reasons why can be a bit hard.

If you can't explain why you're so darn happy, here are some of the best things about dating your true love:

1. Best Friends

How amazing is it to have someone to kiss and someone to tell lame jokes to?

Well, one of the best things about dating your true love is that he's your best friend.

He's not just someone that you're physical with.

He's someone that you can talk to about anything and that you absolute love spending time with.2

He's the whole package.

2. Comfort Levels

When you're dating the love of your life, you won't be worried about what to say to him.

Even if you embarrass yourself, you know that you'll both laugh it off and he won't like you any less.

You'll be comfortable sitting in silence with him and will be comfortable telling him private stories that you don't want anyone else to know.

3. Boring is Fun

If you're happy with your relationship, you won't freak out when you visit his house and have nothing to talk about.

You don't need to do something fun with him in order to have a nice time.

You could read a book while he surfs the web, and you'll both be content, just because you're in the same room together.

4. Planning the Future

When you're dating someone you're semi-serious with, talking about the future can be taboo.

You're worried about mentioning marriage or kids and having them freak out over it.

But when you're dating your true love, you both know that you're going to be together forever, so you don't mind discussing the future.

You can have fun fighting over kid's names and deciding what kind of house you want to live in.

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