4. Trust

With so much freedom in a long distance relationship, trust is an absolute must! One of the downsides of this kind of relationship is that you won't always know where your partner is, who they are spending time with, or what they are doing. Being far apart and having no mutual friends opens up an incredibly accessible gateway for being unfaithful. This is a thought that passes through every long distance couple's minds! It takes an enormous amount of trust in someone else to believe that they are committed to you, and only you, from so far away.



FANTASTIC article! This sums up long distance relationships perfectly! I am currently in one & it truly does take a special person to make the long distance worth it. I wouldn't trade my relationship ...
tracey ima mumofseven
written so beautifully. .the anticipation & frustration of a long distance relationship is well worth it for the trust & great sex the inperson encounters bring!
What a fantastic article! One I, most definitely, relate to.....respect, trust and appreciation are so important in any relationship and I tend to believe that everyday things may allow us to lose si...
Samantha S Waddington
The re encounter is the best part!!!
I agree so much with 7 hahaha, love the article
This is so right 👍👍👍
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