7 Best Times to Be Kissed by Your Partner ...


If you've ever had a romantic partner, you already know the best times to be kissed.

Itโ€™s always special if itโ€™s with the one you love, but some times are admittedly better than others.

Let's see if you all agree on these best times to be kissed:2

1. When Saying Goodbye

When you know you wonโ€™t see your partner for a while, leaving them is torturous.

Your last few minutes together will involve a lot of hugging and kissing.

You never want the moment to end, so you aim to make it as special as possible.

Itโ€™s one of the best times to be kissed, because itโ€™s what has to hold you over for the next few weeks, and you have to make it memorable.

While Hidden Away


Me and my boyfriend just got together two days ago and we still need to kiss but I'm not sure if he is ready yet😃
During a serious conversation, in public like at the park :)
Nitin Singh
Kissing is so much better then to get into any argument ...
Two of my favorites: my boyfriend owns a very high truck and he had to leave in a hurry so he leaned out his window and kissed me while I was on my tippy toes. It was interesting. Another I was at my swim meet on valentines day and I didnt think he was coming but right before my main event he hugged me from behind and kissed me and handed me a single rose and said good luck. โ˜บ๏ธ what a sweet heart
Johana Tornes
One of my favorite ones was before my boyfriend's soccer game. This was an important game for both of us and I told him to kick booty out there! His teammates were already warming up but he still stayed a lil longer for his kiss (: Later on during the game he scored and pointed at me (:
First kiss with ur crush. Doesn't matter where !
i got kissed by my actual boyfriend in the theater.It was so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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