4. Loves an Inviting Atmosphere

One of the hugest things that you have to remember about the Taurus is that they aren't going to go into a home or into a space where they don't feel invited. You've got to make your personal space and your home feel inviting to a Taurus and let them know that you love them being near you!

Home-Cooked Food


@Cynthia I'm a cancer dating a Taurus as well.. This list was dead on! It's a very overbearing sign, but being cancer we tend to cater to it. Just don't let yourself lose your voice in it all. We l...
Anna D'Angelo
I'm a Taurus and cannot attest mutual respect enough, it's the ground of every kind of relationship
Thank you😘
Justeen McQuaide
I'm a Taurus and all of these describe me to a "T." I can't believe how this is so on point. Great article!!
I just starter dating a Taurus and I'm a cancer and these two together are good for each other so I'm excited to see how this is going to turn out!! Any other tips my Taurus friends 😉
Morgan Mullholand
This is soo true! The routine thing is completely me!
I'm a taurus and this is very true! I love my sign! I fit it to the T! Especially the routine and patience.. Please don't rush me! :)
I married a Taurus an this is so true
I'm a Taurus and I could never relate to the traits ever. I am not bullheaded I don't like routine (I welcome change actually).
Natalia Rodriguez
I'm a Taurus and this applies to me!!! Especially the one about the routine!!! Yup down to the min!
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