6. Taureans like Routine

While you might not know this about this particular sign, they love routine. Typically, a Taurus will go the same way to work or to school every day, they have a particular order in which they get ready and they have it down to the minute how long they have before they have to get out of the house. Might seem like a bit much, but this is a sign that loves routine!

Know What You're Getting into


Lol wouldn't a capricorn girl be a really good match for a Taurus guy?
Heather Jensen
Definitely! Comin' up! :)
Can do one on Pisces ?
I've dated a couple Taurus guys and dating one now. I didn't have to TRY to attract them. Taurus guys seem to be naturally drawn to what they like so I'm not sure if a woman could do one thing or anot...
This is so true !! My hubby is taurus and I m capricorn.
True !!!!
Andie Netz
It's crazy how true allll of these always are!!
Jessica Avila
This is so true! My boyfriend is a Taurus and yes he's exactly as described here!!
This is so true ^^ wow!
WOW!!!! I'm speechless bc it is soooo true, thats how I am 😊.. All I have to say is "ladies, I'm married to a Virgo & is the perfect match" ;)
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