7. Know What You're Getting into

Finally, you've got to know what you are getting into whenever you are trying to attract a Taurus. They are a beautiful and wonderful sign, but they do have traits that are a bit dominant and can be overwhelming.

Remember that before you start to get involved, so that you can see just how well they match up with your personality!

I love all of the different signs and learning all of the different ways to attract them, but the Taurus does hold a special place in my heart! Have you ever tried to attract a Taurus before?


What\'s a Taurus ?
Heather Jensen
Oh yeah! :)
My Taurus BF matches your description perfectly. Patience is his best virtue. I'm an Aquarious btw �
Lol wouldn't a capricorn girl be a really good match for a Taurus guy?
Heather Jensen
Definitely! Comin' up! :)
Can do one on Pisces ?
I've dated a couple Taurus guys and dating one now. I didn't have to TRY to attract them. Taurus guys seem to be naturally drawn to what they like so I'm not sure if a woman could do one thing or anot...
This is so true !! My hubby is taurus and I m capricorn.
True !!!!
Andie Netz
It's crazy how true allll of these always are!!
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