6. Selflessness

Love makes you want to please every part of your partner physically and emotionally.

There is something about it that feeds you inside.

Think of every romance movie you have seen where the guy courts, woos, and pleasures the woman he is fond over.

It is never a rushed experience, but a sensual, caressing, and selfless moment.

This is a big difference between sex and love.

In comparison, sex can be fast with a goal of get off, and get done.

When you're motive is selfish it's not about the love.



i think #3 is very true. in my experience i have noticed that many boys are hard for hours when we are together, just sitting there having a normal conversation or some other non-sexual activity sometimes even in public. the boy i am currently seeing is so inexperienced and passive (uncertain of how to take the lead in anything) during sex i thought he might be a virgin. after we had sex for the first time i waited for him to contact me and a few days later he told me that my sex is amazing and unforgettable and he's addicted but it's not the only way he thinks of me. he said he felt love when our bodies were connected. he also told me to stop any kind of romantic interaction with other boys. a few weeks later we had an argument through text about abortion (even though i've never been pregnant) and he's been acting distant and cold ever since even though he suggested we have makeup sex one time. i don't know how he feels but i think i'm in love with him. what does it mean if his face is close to mine and he is looking at me and very gently touching my cheek while i'm asleep? i woke up a few times and this was happening.
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