3. Flirting with Everyone

Flirting with Everyone

Don't try to make him jealous, or show him how desirable you are, by flirting with tons of men. If you do that, he'll never trust you to remain loyal to him.

Low Self-esteem


Haha who gives a shit what men think be your self that's all there is to it!
Okay so I actually like salad. So when I go on a date I'll be like "I'm not eating salad to seem healthy. I actually just happen to like salad".
@Lauren, i agree. Getting all to concious about all these make you try too hard already. If you want to do all good qualities you these for your wellbeing and not to be liked by other people
Gabi Velazquez
This Article: Not so great
Hey any sexy bomb
This article is the real turn off
I'm going to do all of these :)
Girls be real that's all I have to say. Crying, cursing, bad spelling, all of it! It's a part of life LOL this post is funny to me because it makes it seem like women have to change so so so much in o...
Can I just take a moment girls and guys do all the these things! Posts like this are so derogatory because it makes girls so on edge they constantly worry about trying not to do these things that they...
I guess that's why I'm still single lol! I do all these things
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