5. Being Bossy

Being Bossy

You're allowed to take charge.

But if you always order him around, and never let him make his own decisions, he'll run away fast.

Texting Him Constantly


There's also a huge double standard here saying that we shouldn't do things to make him jealous and he's allowed to be jealous but we aren't supposed to be jealous.
Thank you @Jade Donovan and @Hope Eno; I agree!
No.9 I dont think so he could b such a good person a bad spelling doesnt have to do anything with ones personality.
We're all human we can't be perfect 100% of the time
Aria Montgomery
The photo is of Cole Sprouse lol
Jade Donovan
I hate articles on what turns men off...so what? You are who are...if you need to change yourself for a man, he's not the one.
Hope Eno
If only I actually cared about what a man thinks about me...
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