8 Body Language Ideas to Try on Your Crush ...


Throughout the years, I've been asked a ton of times what body language ideas you should be getting when you're trying to get your crushes attention. Well, I thought about it and I've finally compiled the top 8 body language ideas that will definitely work to get your crushes attention and really make sure that you are at the top of his or her mind! Take a look and let me know if you've tried any of these ideas!

1. Lock Eyes Three Times

While you might have locked eyes just once, have you ever locked eyes three different times with your crush? This is one of the many body language ideas that really work! While locking eyes once or twice is good, it's the third time that is the key and the one that will hopefully get them to approach you!

Point with Your Body


Angelina Barker
excuse me...i want to know if this guy likes me.There was a guy that i completely didnt know, who sat in the front of the school every morning during the breakfast hours. As i would get of my bus , id...
Heather Jensen
Have you tried to talk to him at all? I think you should try that first! I think that he does like you, but he's shy!
Heather Jensen
Oh no! I'd say after you get a little comfortable with him, talk to him a little bit -- maybe try to teach him how to kiss. :)
Andrea Katerina
From time to time ( not constantly! ) smile when he's saying something cute or funny and then gently bite the side of your lips in a coily way while looking at him
Hi i have 'dilema'!!! Theres a guy who i dont talk to at school who always stares at me even if i stare back. This has happened for a couple months. I like him but im too shy to talk to him but kinda ...
@Nicole I think you should do what you think is the best. In my opinion you should tell him. you can't always go with a thing that you are not comfortable with . Every time he tries to kiss you and u ...
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