8 Body Language Ideas to Try on Your Crush ...


Throughout the years, I've been asked a ton of times what body language ideas you should be getting when you're trying to get your crushes attention.

Well, I thought about it and I've finally compiled the top 8 body language ideas that will definitely work to get your crushes attention and really make sure that you are at the top of his or her mind!

Take a look and let me know if you've tried any of these ideas!

1. Lock Eyes Three Times

While you might have locked eyes just once, have you ever locked eyes three different times with your crush?

This is one of the many body language ideas that really work!

While locking eyes once or twice is good, it's the third time that is the key and the one that will hopefully get them to approach you!

Point with Your Body


I think #5 is kind of ridiculous. Sticking out your chest can be considered slutty. And it just looks weird. And you want to look relaxed, not like you have a stick up your as*. I would suggest not slouching, but letting your shoulders drop down instead of forward or back. Just tryin to help 😉
@Isabella Gingo oops wrong reply...look above :)
@Isabella. Really?! That would be awesome :) do you think its possible though? because he doesnt see me that often...
Isabella Gingo
@Beth oh my gosh that's great ! You should totally talk to him ! Next time he says hello bring up a conversation And maybe get his number ! I think he is into you (:
somebody answer please! :) so i see my crush about once a week, but its at church so we dont talk. but when i first see him he always says hi, and uses my name, and smiles. then during church, he looks at me alot, and we usually make eye contact. when i leave i can see him looking for me, and he looks for ways to talk to me after sometimes....thoughts?? thanks!! :))
Sharon Ramirez
There is more to it you can't cross your arms keep them on your hips! It shows confidence rather than arrogance!
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