Meaningful Tattoos for Couples πŸ’‘ Who Want to Declare Their Love to the WorldπŸ’• ...


If you want a unique way to show your love and togetherness, why not get couple's tattoos? Forgo the cliched tattoo wedding bands, and try one of these fab tattoo ideas for lovers like the two of you.

1. Love Birds

Initials and Such


I love number one!!!!!!!!!!!
peony blue
Oh gosh...
Aria Montgomery
One of the cutest tattoo ideas for me is to get the date of the day they first met in Roman numerals on their wrists with each other's initials at the bottom of it
My husband and I have matching skull tattoos with a sword thru it which reads Eternal Love! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
I want a matching tattoo with my soulmate when I get married :)
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