7 Break up Quotes to Look Back on when You Are Dumped ...


Breaking up is so, so difficult, especially when you've been in the relationship for a while, but luckily there are break up quotes out there to help you through the pain!

Sometimes, the best break up quotes come from celebs that have been through it all and can relate to exactly what you are feeling.

If you're going through a break up, take a look at my top break up quotes that'll help you get through the pain and forget about your ex!

Remember, you are worth it!

1. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

One of the best break up quotes from darling Frank Ocean says it all: punch them in the face.

Wouldn't you love to do that to your ex?

Then getting ice cream on top of that?

That's a dream!

How many times have you wanted to do this to your ex?2

Come on, be honest!

Margaret Mitchell


I love quote number 6 and it rings so true for me!! Thanks!!
Quote 3 lol what a real lady does!
I love quote 7!
I love this so much. I'm going through a breakup right now, thank you for this 💕
Isabella Pollock
If you really would have punched someone you could have got untroubled with the police if they told
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