2. Various Video Games

With the Internet, anything is possible. Most gaming systems let you connect with players from across the world. If you and your crush are into the same games, you can play against one another. If there’s a chat feature during the game, you have extra time to talk. It’ll show him that you have something in common and will give you bonding time.

Small Things


I wish I lived in a town that had enough women to try these things on me. Im a guy but I like to check this out to see what I should keep an eye out for. You never know the new top 10 list on how to l...
Lol I should flip him off in one of my snapchats
Rachel Cross
Facebook doll not Face Book :)
Jaz Long
This blog screams desperate
Ya Tan
I don't have the guts to literally call up my crush although my friends and I have prank called him millions of times from unknown numbers hehe 😂😂
I'm not much of a flirt primarily because I don't know how I will most definitely use these
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