15 Brutally Honest Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce ...

He was supposed to be by your side til death parted the two of you, but lately you wonder if you are spotting signs your husband wants a divorce.

Sometimes signs are merely red flags that there are serious issues that need to be addressed, and sometimes they indicate that your husband is ready to leave you.

If you recognize the following signs your husband wants a divorce, it's time to have a long heartfelt talk with him to sort things out.

1. Ignoring Problems

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The two of you may be fighting a lot lately or perhaps avoiding conflict altogether.

One of the warning #signs your husband wants a divorce is when he isn't interested in discussing issues that are affecting your marriage.

If heโ€™s given up on the relationship, he may feel it's pointless to argue with you.

He isn't interested in solving marital problems because he is doesn't see himself in the relationship much longer.