8 Characteristics of a Good Man ...


Ever wonder what the characteristics of a good man are?

If you are in the dating scene, I am sure you have?

We all have wanted to know the type of things to look for in a good man.2

Take a peek at these 8 characteristics of a good man and keep them in mind during your next date.

1. Faithful

As a woman, finding a faithful man should be one of the main characteristics of a good man we look for.

I’d much rather a guy be man enough to break up with me than out cheating behind my back.

If this isn’t working for you and your heart (or other parts) are looking elsewhere than let me know so I can move on too.



Heather Jensen
I think that's a great idea Anon! :) Thanks so much for commenting back, let us know how it goes!
@Heather Jensen, Ok! I could try it!! He when I have my birthday party I'm going to invite him and other friends! Usually I would just have a party with my friends who are girls but I'm 16 so I think I could have a girl boy party! Lol should I invite guys that we are both friends with? :)
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! You could also see if you can gather a group of your friends together and pull him into a group hanging out experience? That could be one idea. :)
@Heather Jensen, Thanks Heather! Ok I'll try it! What about me not seeing him much? How can I hang out with him without sounding desperate?
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! The biggest thing is reassurance. You want to reassure your guy friend that you aren't going to be ruining your friendship just because you want to take it to the next level. First though, I'd start with flirting and then move into something more. :) See how he responds to you flirting!
Hey I need help with my guy friend! He's 3 years older and I hardly see him but I like him a lot! How do I get him to like me? How could I get him to realize I like him? How do I tell him without ruining our friendship? Please help ASAP!! Thanks for your time! -Lauren, 16
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