8 Characteristics of a Good Man ...


Ever wonder what the characteristics of a good man are? If you are in the dating scene, I am sure you have? We all have wanted to know the type of things to look for in a good man. Take a peek at these 8 characteristics of a good man and keep them in mind during your next date.

1. Faithful

As a woman, finding a faithful man should be one of the main characteristics of a good man we look for. I’d much rather a guy be man enough to break up with me than out cheating behind my back. If this isn’t working for you and your heart (or other parts) are looking elsewhere than let me know so I can move on too.



@Heather Jensen, Being sensitive is a great quality for a man to have, but in terms of relationships it can be a very bad thing. In my experience, sensitive and considerate men tend to be rejected and...
Heather Jensen
Totally agree! Whoever I'm with has to be sensitive!
Heather Jensen
Ditto All men should be like that ...
i love a man that is kind, caring , and very supportive
Mine too!! I need to have a sense of humor!
If he can make me laugh, he can have my heart;)
Definitely! I'll see if I can get some friend posts up for you! What would you like to see?
Have any of you thought of making a friendship advice topic? I need some big help with friend issues!
Being sensitive is a great quality. It's nice to have someone who's a good listener and can really feel for you.
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