8 Cheap Fun Things to do with Your Spouse ...


Is it date night, and you're looking for cheap things to do with your spouse?

We all run into this problem!

Sometimes, there just isn’t the money in the bank, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the honey bun!

Here are eight cheap things to do with your spouse that will be oh-so-fun!2

1. Picnic

At the top of my list of cheap things to do with your spouse would have to be a picnic.

I love the simplistic romance of a nice picnic in a secluded area of the park!

Pack your picnic basket with some chicken and strawberries and kick back for some good food and snuggles in the warm breeze!

Your cost will be your food and that alone!

That’s a deal!

2. Hiking

If you are into enjoying Mother Nature in her finest, you might enjoy a nice hike with your Lovey Dovey!

Most hiking trails are completely free, so basically, your only cost is the gas for the trip, snacks for the hike and deodorant so you don’t smell (hee hee… you sure don’t want to smell when you stop to smooch!)

3. Game Night

Bring out the kid side of you and your sweetheart with a fun-loving game night!

As the two of you go head to head in your favorite board game, you just find yourself going lip to lip before the night is over!

Some games I might suggest for the two of you to play would be Life, Monopoly, Checkers for those short games, and then, of course, my personal favorite…Twister!

Mix the childish game of Twister with some sexy fun!

4. Dress up

I read one date idea that suggested dressing up in your most formal wear but only making a trip to your local coffee shop.

This allows you the fun of dressing up and the affordability of a cheap date without anyone being the wiser.

For all your fellow coffee drinkers will know, you were just at the opera!

Movie Night
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