9 Clear Signs Your Online Boyfriend is Cheating ...


Deciphering all of the signs online boyfriend is cheating is never, ever easy.

You are here, they are there and sometimes, you've never even met your online boyfriend!3

If you've ever been in an online relationship, picking up on signs online boyfriend is cheating is next to impossible – unless you know what to look for.

I've been watching the show Catfish lately and that is exactly what inspired this post – I mean, how many of you ladies are in online relationships right now?

Take a look below to make sure your online boyfriend isn't cheating!

1. He Doesn't Answer Your Phone Calls

Are you at the point where you are talking on the phone with your online boyfriend?

If so, it's easier to pick up on the signs online boyfriend is cheating, especially if he won't answer your phone calls!2

How many times have you called him?

Has he answered at all?

That's a sign girls, I hate to say it.

He can't be that busy all of the time right?

Always Too Busy to Call You


Geoff LoPresti
ok... since nobody seems to get this... if you met the man/woman online and have never met in the first place how can you really be dating? yeah you can skype and things of that nature, you could even have agreed that your "dating", but lets be honest. how much of a connection can you really get over a computer, or even a phone for that matter? your setting yourself up for failure if you use nothing but online dating sites any way. log off the computer and head out into the world and meet people. 9 times outta 10 its not gonna kill you.
Heather Jensen
Hi Nana! It all depends on what your relationship with your boyfriend is -- do you trust him? Do you think that he is cheating on you?
does it mean that sometimes when he doesn't pick my calls it means he is cheating?
Heather Jensen
Hi Dana! I would definitely confront him. If you are committing your feelings to someone online, you've got to make sure that they are honest with you. :)
Although sometimes, he'll talk about girls he DOES talk to or message with. I think he does this just to make me jealous. For example, he'll message me saying "Oh, I hope you had fun with your parents tonight. I've been Skyping with my friend Emily. She's so pretty and nice and we are really close! We literally talked about everything, I used to like her, ya know?" I'm not sure how to handle it when he says things like this...
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