4. His Privacy Settings on Facebook

Oh, this is a big one and one that is very hard to figure out.

He could have his privacy settings on Facebook set so that you don't see everything that he posts.

It is very hard to figure this one out, but if you share the same friends and your friends are seeing posts that you aren't, that's a sign girls.

He Doesn't Text You a Lot


Heather Jensen
Hi Dana! I would definitely confront him. If you are committing your feelings to someone online, you've got to make sure that they are honest with you. :)
Although sometimes, he'll talk about girls he DOES talk to or message with. I think he does this just to make me jealous. For example, he'll message me saying "Oh, I hope you had fun with your parents tonight. I've been Skyping with my friend Emily. She's so pretty and nice and we are really close! We literally talked about everything, I used to like her, ya know?" I'm not sure how to handle it when he says things like this...
I've been in an online romance for 6 months now, and reading this article has opened up my eyes a lot. We Skype very often and he never seems to tell me much about his personal life. He never tells me who his friends are or if he's hanging out with someone. He's lied to me once before about hanging out with someone and not telling me. I have a gut feeling that he is having feelings for other girls, because a lot of girls post on his Facebook, and message him, etc. It being long distance, I have no way to confirm it, and I don't want to end anything if he isn't cheating after all. Should I confront him?
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