5. He Doesn't Text You a Lot

Sending through a quick text message doesn't take a whole lot of time does it? Are you not getting any text messages from him? Are you seeing a decrease in all of the communication? That could be because he is with someone else now, but doesn't want to end it with you. Think about it girls.

He Makes up Stories about Where He Was


Sophia Jackson
I am in a online relationship and yeah I know his fb acc and Insta acc and also his mom and he never talk to me for 3 days now and the only thing I dontt know is his phonenumber bc we live in different country...
Privacy is everyones right. We should respect it. Heck, we're not even allowed to check our partners phone. Men cheat for a reason. I mean, they're not that dumb. Maybe they dont really like their partner/anymore.
Dana Lillie
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Hii Heather could you pls help me!!! Me and my bf make 1 month today. But he hardly txts back frm snapchat...i even told him we dnt hve a long convo that we use to hve. Ive been crying some nights jus...
Sonny Noelle
😞 he's obviously cheating
hi im roes i want a boyfriend text me
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