5. He Doesn't Text You a Lot

Sending through a quick text message doesn't take a whole lot of time does it?

Are you not getting any text messages from him?

Are you seeing a decrease in all of the communication?

That could be because he is with someone else now, but doesn't want to end it with you.

Think about it girls.

He Makes up Stories about Where He Was


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Heather Jensen
Hi Cardelia! Because feelings are still involved. :) I was with my girlfriend online for two years before I met her. :)
Cordelia Mashiah
If its online hw is it evn a relationship at all ?
Heather Jensen
Hi Terra! I'd definitely try to talk to him about it before you fly out there. It's hard to think about someone cheating, but it sounds like there could be a little distance.
Ok so me and my boyfriend have been on and off for the past 2 or 3 years. In the beginning he was a little off didn't have time for wouldn't txt call or anything. Slowly things that he is telling me aren't adding up like where he's gone or things that have happened. He's constantly telling me about girls that are hitting on him flirting and asking him out and claims he has told them he is with me. Lately i have been getting this feeling whenever I talk to him that he is hiding something. There are times when he won't call me babe or say I love you when he is out on the town. I was planning on flying out to see him soon but I'm afraid of the things I might find out when I get there. Any advice?
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