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In junior high, finding all of the right dating tips for junior high isn't easy. Junior high can be a confusing time and it's hard to tell exactly what guys are looking for. If you are looking for dating tips for junior high, I've got them girls! I've got all of the right ways to date in junior high and what you should be doing. So, if you have a boyfriend but don't know exactly what to do, take a look at my top dating tips for junior high!

1. Don't Give into Pressure

The very first dating tips for junior high that we are going to explore is pressure. You never, ever should give into pressure of anyone. Your friends, your boyfriend or even your parents. Your friends might pressure you into a relationship or even to going passed your own boundaries, but don't let that happen. If you don't want to date yet, don't girls, it's okay!

Don't Allow Your Friends to Influence Your Relationship


i can'tactually do dat because of his class mates nd his girlfreind who is overreacting
how do u get a guy who has a date he isnot fit for?
Heather Jensen
Flirt back! That will let him know that you like him too!
So I am in the seventh grade and I went out with a boy. We broke up three weeks ago, but I sill like him and he in continuously flirting with me. What should I do?
Rachel Hatcher
@Camryn well I sure hope everything works out soon for both of us! Good luck!! :) BTW you could try calling him! I haven't been brave enough to do it but I think it would work well!
Heather Jensen
I'd see if you can get him alone on Friday. :)
@Heather Jensen, He has football everyday except friday...
Heather Jensen
Hey Camryn! I'm sure that it's really hard to talk with him, but you've got to find some time. Maybe can you speak with him after school? Would that be an option at all?
@Rachel Hatcher, I know right! I think its just a normal girl in middle school thing.
@Heather Jensen, I'm shy too though, and thats a problem. I forgot to mention that we don't have any classes together and I can't just stop in the middle of the hallway to talk and be late for class. ...
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