10 Clichés 🗯 about Love ❤️ We like to Think 💭 Are True ☺️ ...


Love is a topic about which there are lots of clichés.

Whether they’re rolled out as platitudes when we’re hurt, or used to steel us against upcoming bad times or to explain how we’re feeling at a particular time, there seems to be a love cliché for every occasion.

Obviously, they’re called clichés for a reason and by definition, are supposed to be based on fact.

So which are the clichés about love we should believe in?3

1. Out of SIGHT, out of MIND

To maintain our own sense of dignity and independence, we like to think that having someone out of your sight means that they are totally out of your mind.

Some people can indeed get their brain to work in this sensible fashion, but there often comes a time when you can’t seem to get the person out of your mind no matter how hard you try, and it’s at that point where you can be sure that you have fallen hard.

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