7. Condoms Aren’t as Uncomfortable as an STD is

Condoms Aren’t as Uncomfortable as an STD is

This is a valid argument. He can't deny that.

Sorry. I Don't Date Guys without Brains


I enjoy telling guys who persist on not using condoms, GREAT! I can't wait to be a mother! Or babies are way more expensive than condoms! Either way, if the guy still doesn't care to wear one cut him loose, DEFINITELY not worth his non respecting ways.
@Tayliscious You're right, they do, and that's not the attitude I want to project! How about this one; "It's like those ads say: because I'M WORTH IT.'
I apologize to married couples. Sometimes sites like this seem to advocate a lack of self control, which I find appalling. Just because you're "friends" with someone doesn't mean you should be having sex with them.
Pat M
Women always need to insist on a condom even if they use another form of birth control. Only two ways to avoid STDs: abstinence or condoms. Pick one.
@Kris. All sorts of people have sex including married couples, and it has nothing to do with self control. Many people with great self control have sex with their partners. Honestly, if it werent for sex you would not be alive today!
Having sex doesn't mean you don't have self control. Seriously?
@kris or not....
Or you could just, uh, ABSTAIN??? Self control? Get it, or get lost!
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