17 Genius 💡 Comebacks to Give when He Asks ❓❓ for Nudes 🙊🙈 ...


For some reason, boys think it's perfectly acceptable to ask for your naked pictures, even if they barely know you. Well, it's time for reality to hit them. Here are a few responses to use when a guy asks you for nudes:

1. Sorry, but I Have Self Respect

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There's nothing wrong with sending naked pictures to a boy you love and trust. But if some stranger expects you to show you your goods right away, use this line to put him in his place.

I’ll Forward This to My Dad and You Can Try Asking Him for Some


My fav post yet lmao
I just say "nah"
Or you could try my reply, 'f*ck you'
But the that says "you send some first" can be a little risky you can get dick pics instead I tried that
Omg I need this
The guy who asked you for nude pics is probably sitting in a bar with 10 of his drunken mates. If you reply he will show your reply, and any pics you send, to all his friends and possibly everyone else in the bar.
I think that you must all be very young, maybe teenagers. Just say no.
So awesome. I seriously need this.
Pink Blossom
"Wouldn't you rather see my sparkling personality" lol I'd probably use that
Heather Higgs
Hahaha! 😂
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