7 Comforting Things to Remember when He Makes You Jealous ...


Whether you’ve just entered a new relationship or have been with your partner for a decade, there are things you should remember when he makes you jealous.3

No matter how much you love each other, you’re bound to hit shaky ground once in a while.

You don’t want your emotions to cause you too much stress, which is why there are things to remember when he makes you jealous.2

1. You Don’t Need Him

If he decides that another girl is worth more of his time than you are, forget about him.2

When he makes you jealous, you should remember that you don’t need him to survive.

You were able to live life before you met him, and you can live life after losing him.

Of course, jealousy isn’t always a reason to break-up.2

You have to judge each situation individually, and see what your best course of action is.

It's a Normal Feeling


Love it! Especially good for girls who can get super jealous (maybe me :P) at times and don't want to make their boyfriend's life miserable
Am loving this article 😄😄
Esp note 6
Love it
amazing article. every gurl should take notes. 👌
Totally agree!
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